Split Roast EP

by Limb



Download here: witchhunterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-roast

1. Gurt - Sophisticate 03:40
2. Gurt - Psycho Killer 04:05
3. Gurt - Gift of the Sun 04:00
4. Limb - Plague Doctor 03:44
5. Limb - Son And Daughter 02:57
6. Limb - Soapfeast 03:34

‘Split Roast’ is a truly unique release. Two bands: one new song each; one cover of their own choosing; one cover of a song by the other. All recorded especially for Witch Hunter Records.

Both bands’ original contributions, Gurt’s ‘Sophisticate’ and Limb’s ‘Plague Doctor’, demonstrate the bands’ evolving sounds as they prepare to release their debut albums early in 2014. For the first of the covers, Talking Heads’s ‘Psycho Killer’ is given the Gurt treatment: bold guitars, crusty bass, bowel-rupturing drums and pure evil vocals! Meanwhile, Limb delve into the lesser-known corners of Queen’s back catalogue to deliver a raucous version of ‘Son and Daughter’, revealing again the classic rock sensibilities behind their fuzzed-out sound.

What really marks this release is the band’s covers of each other’s songs. Gurt turn to the title track of Limb’s 2013 EP, ‘Gift of the Sun’. The desperation of Limb’s original is transformed, by Gurt, into the ultimate bad trip, all howling guitars and rumbling bass. Meanwhile, Limb take on ‘Soapfeast’ from Gurt’s 2012 split EP with Dopefight. Limb add a driving, swaggering groove to Gurt’s vitriol.

As with all Witch Hunter releases, close attention has been paid to the presentation of the CD. Gnarly artwork designed between the bands is screen-printed in ink the colour of congealed blood onto manilla cardboard sleeves and assembled by hand. This release is limited to only 150 copies, and is also available as a pay-what-you-want download through Bandcamp

Gurt recorded at Loud Noises Studios in Walsall with Owen Davies and Owen Street; Limb at Ghost Town Studios in Leeds with Ross Halden. Gurt are Gareth Kelly, Simon Edwards, Dave Blakemore and Rich Williams. Limb are Robert Hoey, Pat Pask, Jodie Wyatt and Sam Cooper.

Limb appear courtesy of New Heavy Sounds



released October 14, 2013


all rights reserved



Limb UK

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